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Hello, my name is Roger. Welcome to my website about specialty foods. When I was a young kid, I ate anything and everything without question. I loved all food and did not think that would ever change. Unfortunately, I started experiencing painful allergic reactions after eating certain ingredients. After going to the doctor, I learned I would need to be much more careful about the foods I eat each day. I started looking into specialty foods made without those offending ingredients and it instantly helped. I want to use this site to help other people find and enjoy specialty foods. Thanks.

Building A Great Gift Basket For The Coffee Lover In Your Life

Do you have a friend or loved one in your life who is a true coffee aficionado? If you yourself aren't a big fan of coffee, buying a gift for that person might be tough. Here's a guide to designing a coffee-themed gift basket that will impress even the most serious of coffee snobs.

Choosing Your Beans

Pre-ground coffee, even if it is from a specialty brand, is not a good choice for the coffee lover in your life. Coffee becomes stale rather quickly after grinding, and your friend's discerning palate will be able to tell the difference even if yours cannot. Whole-bean coffee is the way to go. Consider buying two or three different varieties of coffee from the same region so that your gift recipient can compare and contrast them. For instance, you could include one half pound of three different coffees from Ethiopia.

Roasted coffee beans are often the easiest to find, and they tend to come in the most varieties. However, if you can find unroasted, green coffee beans, you definitely want to pick them up for your friend. To a coffee lover, nothing is better than freshly roasted coffee. Coffee beans can be roasted in a skillet, so don't worry if you're not sure whether your friend has actual roasting equipment.

Including a Mug

Chances are, your friend has plenty of coffee mugs. However, including one more in the gift basket gives it a complete feeling. Opt for a clear glass coffee mug, as watching the coffee and cream swirl around through the sides of the glass is part of the experience. Instead of a standard-sized mug, consider giving your recipient a small cappuccino mug or a pair of little espresso cups.

Picking Out a Good Book

A good book rounds off the gift basket, giving your coffee-loving friend the chance to expand his or her knowledge. It also gives them something to read as they sip their favorite brew. They key here is not to buy anything too basic. If your friend has been into coffee for a while, they probably know the basics about roasting, making a good cup of coffee, and utilizing various brewing methods. A more specific book about one of these subjects is more likely to be interesting to someone who is already equipped with some coffee knowledge:

  • The history of growing coffee in a certain region
  • Specialty coffee beverages that are common in a specific country or region
  • The science behind growing and roasting coffee.

With the right coffee, an attractive glass mug, and an interesting book, your coffee-themed gift basket is sure to delight your recipient. Talk to a company like Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC for more help.