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Talking About Specialty Foods

Hello, my name is Roger. Welcome to my website about specialty foods. When I was a young kid, I ate anything and everything without question. I loved all food and did not think that would ever change. Unfortunately, I started experiencing painful allergic reactions after eating certain ingredients. After going to the doctor, I learned I would need to be much more careful about the foods I eat each day. I started looking into specialty foods made without those offending ingredients and it instantly helped. I want to use this site to help other people find and enjoy specialty foods. Thanks.

Skip Protein Powder For Egg Whites

Want to curb hunger, build lean muscle and maintain a healthy weight? If the answer is yes, you need protein in your life, and not necessarily in the form of the sometimes outrageously priced protein powder you see in stores. You can get protein from simple and convenient, healthy foods like egg whites.

Why your Body Needs Protein

Protein plays a pivotal role in the manner in which the human body functions, so consuming a sufficient quantity of this nutrient is important. Adult males should consume 56 grams of protein each day, while an adult female needs around 46 grams. Staying on target with protein intake doesn't just extend the above-mentioned benefits, it also helps with the healthy sustainment of bones and cartilage and assists with the proper production of hormones and enzymes within the body.

Eggs White and Protein

You don't have to eat the yolk of an egg to get a good dose of protein. The whites from a single, hard-boiled egg offer nearly 4 grams of protein. A cup of egg whites offers around 26 grams. For an adult female, a one cup serving is over half the necessary intake level for the day, setting her well on her way to meet her goal. As an added bonus, egg whites are nearly fat-free and carbohydrates only account for about 1 percent of their makeup.

Eggs Whites vs. Protein Powder

Think it's easier to simply toss some powder in a shaker and drink your protein? Remember, easier doesn't always equate to better. You can begin this conversation with cost. You can purchase a carton of eggs for a mere fraction of the cost you would incur purchasing a high-end powder made from quality ingredients.

Secondly, if you're already following a balanced diet, consuming protein powder could cause you to exceed your necessary protein requirements, causing you to consume more calories than you need, which can actually make you gain weight. Remember if you have access to eggs whites and other healthy food selections, protein powder is basically overkill that will cause you to spend more money and possibly push you further away from your weight goals.

Whether boiled, scrambled or made into an omelet, consuming protein rich foods like egg whites can keep you healthier. To help reach your health goals faster, complete a daily food log to ensure you aren't consuming too much or too little of each nutrient. Ask a nutritionist or speciality food store for more information.